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This part of the site is quite technical in that it explains the various components of a limb and deals with the issues of fitting and support.

We have intentionally made this part of the site from the position of either the limb and its components with you able to drill down through the individual parts, or an area of questions and answers.

As these areas get used more, we would appreciate your views on how useful the site is and what we can do to improve it, just use the comment button, or email me at

You will see we have not made reference to individual companies for most of the pages, but where a specific part is reference back to a company it may well be a sponsored page and carry the logo of that company and a link back to thier website. This will open in a new window allowing you to come back to us when you are finished.

Please note: We do not endorse any product mentioned.

If you are a patient we recommend you consult your prosthestist for advice on the suitability of any limb or part.

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