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Prosthetics Org UK and Out On A Limb

This site has been designed to help patients, relatives, carers and all displines involved in caring for amputees. We have tried to keep things simple and understandable but are open to suggesitons that could make things simpler, and we are open to questions.

The three people involved in the running of this site are two prosthetists with over 70 years experience between them and one above knee amputee of over thirty years experience.

Our aim is to provide a central resource for all those involved with Amputee`s, from the patients themselves, families, therapists and surgeons.

The products/companies discussed are unbiased and some may although looking ideal may not be suitable for some patients dependant on type of amputation and the site of the amputation, these need to be discussed with the rehabilitation consultant and prosthetist involved in the patients case.

We will endeavour to give as much information about products, materials, types and shapes of sockets, types of knees, feet, hands, elbows, appliances and suspension systems as possible.

We will include feedback and experiences and a question and answer forum for all patients, carers and disiplines that are interested in making this site more pleasing and rewardable to those that use it.

We are open to comment/critisim as shown by most pages having a comment button at the bottom of the screen. Where possible we will review and encompass any page where we feel possible, but your comments will be shown at the bottom of the page regardless.

We retain the right to remove any comment that we feel in inappropriate.

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