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These pages will help you find resources and support on the following topics:

  • National advice and support
  • Legal Issues
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Cashing in - work as an amputee
  • Books/magazines

  • National advice and support
    also see links to: parents and families as well as Brighton&Hove, East and West Sussex pages)

    The Limbless Association is a national organisation that supports people though their rehabilitation with a wide range of services.  They also run the National Help Bureau which can provide a range of information for people with limb loss Tel: 0845 2300 025

    Limb Loss Information Service
    An online resource to guide individuals with congenital or acquired limb loss and their friends, family and carers through the emotional, physical and psychological process of coming to terms with limb loss. The site has information on support groups, organisations, insurance, events, books and many frequently asked questions. 

    BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Serviceman’s Association)
    Promotes the welfare of those who have lost limb(s) or eyes during or following military service. 

    The Expert Patient Programme: 
    A self –management programme which runs locally for people living with a long term condition – there are 2 programmes – living well and looking after me.  The courses are free and run for 2 hours once a week, for 6 weeks. 

    A leaflet is available at the reception of Sussex Rehabilitation Centre in Brighton.

    Legal Issues

    The Limb Loss Legal Panel

    The Limb Loss Legal Panel informs amputees about their rights regarding compensation claims for their injuries.  It was set up by the Limbless Association with five specialist law firms.  Legal claims relating to loss of limb generally fall into two areas – personal injury or medical/clinical negligence.
    Contact the panel on 0207 650 1305   Or visit their website 

    Disability Law Service

    A national charity providing confidential and free legal advice for disabled adults and their families and carers.  Visit their website, or call
    0207 7919 800

    Sport and Recreation 

    disability sports database
    This database has been produced to help people of all ages in Sussex with physical, sensory or learning difficulties find out about sports opportunities and facilities, details of the support that may be available, and the accessibility features of the sports venues.

    English Federation of Disability Sport

    English Federation of Disability Sport are the national body responsible for developing sport for disabled people in England.
    Tel: 0161 247 5294

    British Disabled Flying Association
    BDFA have an adapted aircraft at Shoreham airport, and local amputee Derek Levy is a qualified instructor.

    Riding for the disabled have over 100 groups, of which Herons Ghyll, near Uckfield is one - and specialises in carriage driving. 

    A local amputee Alexander Marsland (chester) is a Western riding competitor, you can find out more about him on his website

    Sailing - A new national scheme to get more disabled people into sailing was launched in Spring 2008 - for information on getting involved click here.

    Skiing - Knockhatch Ski and Snowboard Centre near Hailsham is open all year round and on the first Saturday of every month from 6pm-8.30pm hosts a session for the Southern Ski Club for the disabled.

    Dance - Disabled and non-disabled dance company Candoco came to the Sussex Rehabilitation Centre in Brighton many years ago, and recruited local amputee Welly O'Brien who has been a professional dancer for over 10 years.  See what she says about David Cameron's comments at an Arts Council lunch...

    Rambling - Disabled Ramblers organises rambles in the countryside using scooters and wheelchairs, for example to the Seven Sisters in Sussex.  They offer a breakdown service and loan scooters for new members.

    The Limb Loss Information Centre have lots of information on their website from skiing to diving.

    Cashing in - work as an amputee

    NOTE -
    any paid work may affect your benefits

    Amputees in Action

  • AinA (Amputees in Action Ltd) are an agency that specialise in supplying amputees as extras and specialist action scene extras for the film and television industries both home and abroad.  Our artistes collectively have many years experience of not only specialist action scene extra work, but also as film and television "extras".


    Visable is the UK's first agency with the sole objective of supplying professional models, actors and presenters with disabilities to the television, film and advertising industries.

    Books and Magazines 

    vailable from the Information Desk at the Sussex Rehabilitation Centre in Brighton.


    Rehabilitation Newsletter – published quarterly

    Step Forward, quarterly magazine of the Limbless Association

    Disability Now - magazine produced by SCOPE UK

    Blesmag - Official Magazine of the British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association

    Within Reach - Quarterly magazine addressing issues for people without upper limbs.

    On The Move - Monthly magazine with information and features from St Marys Hospital Portsmouth, Disablement services centre. Check out their new website

    Life and Limb
    by Jamie Andrew: Jamie Andrew's survival and rescue after five nights trapped by a ferocious storm in 1999 has passed into Alpine legend. It was a miracle that he survived; but Jamie had to come to terms not only with the death of his close friend, Jamie Fisher, who died beside him - but also with the loss of all his limbs to frostbite. Since the accident, Jamie has struggled painfully and successfully to overcome his impairments; not only has he learnt to walk (and run) on his prosthetic legs, but also to ski, snowboard, paraglide - and even take up his beloved mountaineering again.

    Burnt: Surviving Against All the Odds - Beaten, Burnt and Left for Dead. One Man's Inspiring Story of His Survival After Losing His Legs by Ian Colquhoun.

    One Step Beyond by Chris Moon:
    Ex-soldier Chris Moon is a hero for our times. After leaving the army, he found that he missed the challenge of military life and became a mine-clearance operative. In Mozambique, he lost a leg and arm when a mine exploded. This is an account of his life, relaying his experiences.

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    by Aron Ralston: Here is one man’s heroic struggle with the infinite, a searing and compelling read. Aron Ralston tells his agonizing, inspiring tale of survival with all the verve and honesty you’d expect of someone who somehow found inspiration even in the face of a lonely death.

    Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind
    by V.S. Ramachandran and Sandra Blakeslee: Explores the vast complexities of the human brain and how it works, drawing on real-life case studies of patients suffering from neurological conditions (such as phantom limb pain) to explain what occurs in the brain.

    Many other books on these subjects can be found at the  Limb Loss Information Centre website

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