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Famous Amputees

While a patient knows just by looking around the fitting room that they are not alone, they may be suprised at some of the more famous amputee`s who are part of our exclusive club.

Lord Nelson (1758-1805) British naval commander in the wars with France. During the Battle of Cape St. Vincent a grapeshot shattered his right elbow. Later his arm was amputated.

Douglas Bader, World War II fighter pilot and double amputee with the Royal Air Force.

Heather Mills McCartney, Top UK Model

Tom Whittaker, The first person with a disability to climb Everest.

Peter Stuyvesant (1592-1672) Dutch colonial governor who resisted English seizure of New York. He lost his right leg during an expedition against the island of Saint Martin. It was replaced by a wooden leg.

For Fun

Captain Hook, An infamous pirate in the story of Peter Pan. In the play/movie/cartoon, Captain Hook is the archenemy of Peter Pan, the main character.

Captain Ahab The obsessed captain of a ship called the Pequod in the novel, Moby Dick. He seeks vengeance for Moby Dick, a white whale who tore off his leg. In the end, his monomania kills him.

Long John Silver, Stevenson`s villian in the book Treasure Island

Why not add a few via the comments and I will update them into this article later.

John Ellis

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