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  • Welcome to Sussex Amputee Support…supporting not just amputees but anyone with any limb loss.

    This is a web-based resource for existing and new patients in the Sussex area.  It has been written by users of Sussex Rehabilitation Centre but the information may be of help to other people too – for example relatives and friends assisting people with limb loss...

    The information available covers these main areas - click on the left side menu


·        A-Z of benefits and entitlements

·        Parents and families

·        Resources and Support

·        Is this all new to you?

·        Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex

·       Young People

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This resource came about because in 2005 new amputee, Diane Mulligan, met an existing amputee, Welly O'Brien, (see Welly dancing here) who inspired and supported her in coming to terms with her new body and new life.  We hope this resource will allow you to access some of the support that Diane and subsequent amputees have found so useful. 

We would like to thank the Scarman Trust in Brighton for assisting in the funding of this resource;  John Ellis
for hosting this site and James Allwright for design concepts.

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