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1st Steps

Whilst this is a working title for the subject,

I thought it was quite apt, as most people with artificial limbs are taking literally thier first steps into the world for a second time.

It can be quite frightening and this web site is designed to provide information, advice and the experiences of others to help you.

The site is also for those around you who will be involved with you for the future, your family, doctors, proshetists etc and it is aimed at allowing them to find our how to deal with you as well.

Having lost my limb in 1969 at the age of 7 (my leg stop growing at birth); I have seen many changes within the NHS and how limbs are designed, built and delivered and for the most I can say it has all be for the better. From those early half wood and leather limbs, through metal to the polycarbonate and carbon fibre limbs of today. Many companies have come and gone, merged or just lost thier contracts leaving a thriving market for the companies that are left.

My experiences and yours may be different but hopefully sharing these differences will make this site a better information source for all those that follow.

If you find any page you do not agree with, want to add additional information or just raise an issue about a spelling or grammer mistake. Please click the `Add Comment` on the page and let us know. The comment will be added straight away and we will review them regularly.

John Ellis

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