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Sweaty Stump Problems
From BBC News - Woman is fitted with `bionic` arm
From BBC News - Step by step
Summer Sores
Bionic limb breakthrough made
A brave tale thats set to run and run
Mobilise Campaign
My English Practical Experience
Free web site for support groups
Alex Zanardi my story with Gianluca Gasparini
Will the Douglas Bader Unit Concept survive in the
Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group - February
The Beginning of the End for the Douglas Bader Unit
The End of an Era and the Start of The End
Should I or Shouldn’t I?
New Limbless Swimming Club Starts in Epsom
Supporting Amputee Research
Famous People With Artificial Limbs
From BBC NEWS - Grow your own limbs healing hope
History of the Artificial Limb
Above Knee Gait Analysis
Below Knee Gait Analysis
The Importance Of The Foot
Energy Expenditure
Understanding Gait Analysis
Can I Drive
The Limb Process
From BBC NEWS - How the brain feels false limbs
From BBC NEWS - Sources of amputee pain revealed
From BBC NEWS - Training to beat `phantom pain`

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